Funscript Package #ElliePackOne

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Funscript Package #ElliePackOne

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First, I don't offer any videos in this download or anything else I am not creator of. Included are the matching Funscript and a txt file with the legal link to the video source.

Works great with TheHandy or other similar interactive toys.

*.funscript files PACKAGE for

Ellie Idol - The Big Win F***ing my Coach for a good Grade

She want the best grades in class and know your secret. A spy cam inside the girl showers wasn't a good idea. Let see how we fix the problem.

Ellie Idol - Stepmom confesses to bl**ing your buds

Your stepmom visit you in your room. She has something to confess, a thing what she does with your friends in the bathroom. She perceives how you react to her story. Do you say yes or no? Where is the evidence going?

Ellie Idol - Sin Disposal

Knock Knock! A cute girl with a cross around her neck stands in front of you. She like to spread the word and to free you from sin. But she is a sinner too, can she rescue your soul?

Ellie Idol - Test These Pops For Me Lil Bro

Your sister needs help and you are chilling in her room. Her boyfriend want to try something new and you should test it first. These poppers makes you feeling weird and you don't have inhibitions anymore.

Please note, the unfortunately necessary VAT (in some countries) isn't included in the price above. Sorry for that.The purchased license is for your own enjoyment only, not for resale.

I want this!
Video source length
14:01 / 10:16 / 13:58 / 10:43 mins
Scripted length
ca. 10:22 / 7:08 / 8:42 / 6:18 mins
Video source type
free / paid / free / paid
Data type
Included script versions
1 / 1 / 1 / 2
Included txt files with link
1 / 1 / 1 / 1
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